Using Android 8, 9 and 10 emulators without Android Studio

Despite Google’s efforts to deprecate the Android SDK Manager standalone GUI in an attempt to force the installation of Android Studio -irrelevant for Cordova apps-, you can still run any Android emulator without Android Studio using the updated SDK Manager tools. This process involves installing the SDK tools 24 and then updating them to version 28.

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Closing InAppBrowser window in Cordova by itself

Methods to self-close an opened InAppBrowser window in Cordova, based on an action performed inside the browser window itself. These methods involve using an event listener for either the loadstart or message events. You can also use this message event to communicate directly from the IAB to the Cordova WebView, to perform other actions.

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How to connect Android or iPhone via WiFi for application deployment

Developing mobile apps using Apache Cordova or any other platform involves constantly deploying your app to real devices. This process can become tedious because the phone or tablet must be connected via USB cable to your computer. However, you can connect your device via WiFi and deploy and debug your app normally following these steps.

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NFO Editor 1.2.0

NFO Editor is a freeware program that for editing the NFO files that serve as a base for GRF graphic files for the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, TTDPatch and OpenTTD.

After decoding a GRF graphics file with GRF Wizard and the GRFCodec, you’ll have an NFO (plain text) file, and one or more PCX or PNG image files. By editing the NFO file, you can alter the size and position from indivial game sprites (graphics). This is an almost impossible process to do by hand, while NFO Editor makes this a quick and effortless task.

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GTA ShoutCast Radio 1.2.0

GTA ShoutCast Radio is a tool that allows the user to replace the MP3 radio from the video games GTA III and GTA Vice City with a real Internet radio station.

The program will create two buffered MP3 files from any ShoutCast Radio stream and place them in the game’s MP3 folder. These files will be played when the player selects the MP3 radio when inside a vehicle.

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