Apache Cordova and Visual Studio

On this section I intend to provide some articles regarding the development of Apache Cordova mobile applications using the Visual Studio IDE with its built-in (or external) tools for Apache Cordova. Personally, I keep using Visual Studio 2015 at the time of updating this page because of certain issues I found with Visual Studio 2017.

Cordova Plugins and code in GitHub

On my GitHub index you can find some Cordova and other JS plugins I’ve released. Here’s a brief explanation of them:

Visual Basic 6 Apps

Formerly referred as programs. In this section you can find some of the tools developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Andrés that have been released to the public. Most of these these programs will run fine on anything from Windows 9x to Windows 10, specially those that have been updated more recently. Feel free to explore, try and leave your comments in any program you find interesting.

Archived and Random Stuff

On this section there’s some archived random stuff regarding 3D modelling related to games such as MM2, GTA and Transport Tycoon Deluxe.