Apache Cordova

On this section I intend to provide some reference regarding the development of Apache Cordova mobile applications. There are some posts regarding Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 and its Apache Cordova toolset, however, currently I’ve switched to the NetBeans IDE.

Cordova plugin demo apps

In this category you’ll find some plugin demo apps I’ve developed for easy testing of certain Cordova plugins. This includes pre-compiled APK ready to deploy an test in your devices and emulators.

Cordova plugins in GitHub

On my GitHub repositories you can find some Cordova and other JS plugins I’ve released. To prevent this page from becoming incomplete, please visit GitHub for up-to-date plugins.

Visual Basic 6

In this section you can find some of the tools I’ve developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 that have been released to the public. Feel free to explore, try and leave your comments in anything you find interesting.

Archived stuff

On this section there’s some random archived stuff regarding 3D modelling related to certain old-school video games for PC.