Cordova native spinner plugin demo app

Cordova Native Spinner plugin demo

Demo app for testing the cordova-plugin-native-spinner, which allows to show a platform’s native spinner and/or message for preventing user interaction during blocking operations. Source code available in GitHub.

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Platforms supported by plugin

  • Android 4.1+
  • Browser
  • iOS 10
  • Windows 10

Android screenshots

Browser screenshots


This is a summary of the demo app’s methods. Refer to plugin’s README for details


Shows the spinner with the selected options. If no title and message is shown, only a loading spinner will be shown in the center of the screen.


  • To prevent the spinner from being dismissed by the user, enable the Is not cancellable option.


Hides the spinner, re-enabling user interaction with your app.


  • In Windows 10 you can set if the hide method also hides the OS’ status bar.

Download demo app


Use the comments section here for demo app-related issues, and the GitHub issues tracker for plugin-related ones.

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