Cordova camera preview demo app

Cordova Camera Preview plugin demo

Demo app for testing the cordova-plugin-camera-preview, which allows direct camera interaction from Javascript and HTML. Source code available in GitHub.

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  • Real device with working camera

Android Screenshots


This is a summary of the demo app’s methods. Refer to plugin’s README for details

Here is a overview of the demo app’s plugin methods as seen on NetBeans IDE:



Starts the camera preview instance with the settings specified by Camera Preview Options. By default it opens a square camera with a size equivalent to the screen width minus some padding.


Stops the camera preview instance.


Switch between the rear camera and front camera, if available.


Take the picture using either the selected or the default resolution.

When starting camera with default preview size (1:1 aspect ratio) taking picture with a non 1:1 ratio equivalent resolution could result in a horizontally-cropped picture on certain phones, as shown below

The reason behind this inconsistency between devices is unknown. If you happen to have info about this, kindly leave a comment with your findings. This problem does not apply when taking photo with a square resolution, or when using the takeSnapshot method.


Take snapshot of the camera preview. The resulting image will be the same size as specified in startCamera options. I could not verify this last statement in demo app. What I did verify instead was this:

Device startCamera size takeSnapshot size
Samsung S7 320×320 1088×1088
Samsung A20 320×320 720×720
Sony Xperia XZ1 320×320 1080×1920
Xiaomi Redmi 9 320×320 1080×1080

The demo app always crops the resulting picture as expected when using takeSnapshot as long as the camera preview was started with a 1:1 ratio.


Hide the camera preview box.


Show the camera preview box.


Change the size of the preview window. Size must be a valid preview resolution which the plugin does not yet retrieve.


Populate the camera sizes select box with the retrieved modes. The takePicture method will use the selected size.


Populate the flash modes select box with the retrieved modes.


Puplate the focus modes select box with the retrieved modes.


Puplate the color effects select box with the retrieved effects.


Populate the zoom select box with values ranging from 1 to the retrieved maxZoom.

Picture Previews

The demo app shows two pictures for each invocation of the takePicture and takeSnapshot methods as follows:

  1. Full picture taken using the requested method. May seem “cropped” when compared to default preview depending on the chosen camera size.
  2. Vertically cropped version of the taken picture. Employs Javascript to crop the picture to match an aspect ratio similar to the size of a credit card / ID card.

Download demo app


Use the comments section here for demo app-related issues, and the GitHub issues tracker for plugin-related ones.

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