Cordova fingerprint aio demo app

Cordova Fingerprint plugin demo

Demo app for testing the cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio, which allows to use biometric validation in Android using the deprecated Fingerprint Manager API. Source code available in GitHub.

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Please note that this plugin uses the deprecated FingerprintManager API. To use the new BiometricManager API in Android with additional options, switch to the cordova-plugin-biometric-auth plugin.

Platforms supported by plugin

  • Android 6+
  • iOS

Android screenshots


This is a summary of the demo app’s methods. Refer to plugin’s README for details


Check if fingerprint authentication is available on the device.


  • Error callback returns BIOMETRIC_HARDWARE_NOT_SUPPORTED when the API is not available (API level < 23)


Show OS native authentication dialogue with the selected options and labels.


  • fallbackButtonTitle seems to be ignored in most if not all Android devices.
  • subtitle and description cannot be unset once set.

Download demo app


Use the comments section here for demo app-related issues, and the GitHub issues tracker for plugin-related ones.

New plugin now available!

This fingerprint-aio plugin does not use the new BiometricManager API methods, does not provide device credentials authentication when no biometrics are enrolled or supported and does not work with Android 5. Try the new, simpler Biometric Auth Cordova plugin to address these and other issues.

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