TTDXC Pro 1.2.5

TTDXC Pro is a freeware program that allows the user to configure and update TTDPatch, a patch that provides gameplay enhancements and numerous bugfixes to Transport Tycoon Deluxe by patching its original binary.




  • All-in-one TTDPatch management and updating solution for advanced users
  • Check for updates and install latest TTDPatch versions directly
  • Edit ttdpatch.cfg and newgrf.cfg files directly with syntax highlighting
  • Customize TTD registry settings
  • Multi-language interface

Download TTDXC Pro

Version 1.2.5
Date 12-Dec-2004
License Freeware
File size 1036 KB
File type Self installer EXE (x86)
Status Discontinued
Prerequisites VB6 runtimes, TTDPatch
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What’s New

In TTDXC Pro 1.2.5

  • TTDPatch updating process improved
  • Added Swedish translation
  • New multi-language installer program using INNO Setup
  • Minor bug fixes