TTD Urban Renewal graphics

TTD Urban Renewal was a site hosting GRF graphic enhancements created by Andrés for the simulation game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Since no more GRF files have been released there for a few years, that site was shutdown, but here you can find and download all those graphics and apply them to your TTDPatch or OpenTTD game.

Some of these GRF files are available for direct download from OpenTTD’s Online Content.


Airport Asphalt GRF

Airport Asphalt GRF

FontRenew GRF

Font Renew GRF

New Heliport GRF

New Heliport GRF

New Bank GRF

National Bank GRF



NewDock GRF

New Docks GRF

TrafficSet GRF

Traffic Set GRF

Transmitter GRF

Transmitter GRF

UrbanRenew GRF

Urban Renew GRF


  1. Airport Asphalt: Replaces the large airport’s asphalt, with darker pavement and sharp lines.
  2. Font Renew: Replaces the default TTD font with the Tahoma (bold) 8pt font. The newspaper font is not changed.
  3. Heliport: Replaces the default heliport, features semi-transparent landing platform.
  4. Main HQ: Replaces the company headquarters, with heliport, flags and roof antennas.
  5. National Bank: Replaces the bank graphics with a bank in a restored historical building that nicely blends with the original game’s graphics style.
  6. New Docks: Replaces the default dock with a modern concrete dock featuring parked containers and static cranes.
  7. Traffic Set: Replaces all roads and all brige types in all climates. Replaces the road depot and includes the new large airport asphalt graphics as well.
  8. Transmitter: Airport and landscape transmitter with flashing lights.
  9. Urban Renew Set: Replaces most office buildings from the temperate climate. Includes the new transmitter and new bank.

Download Details

For your convenience, you can download all GRF graphics in a single ZIP file.

For TTDPatch (Windows) and OpenTTD
For TTDPatch (DOS version)

The download includes also a citibank.grf file created by Rob and modified by Andrés, anda newstations_all.grf file created by Marcel and converted by Andrés as well.

GRF files installation in TTDPatch

Once you download a GRF file, place it in the ‘newgrf’ folder under your TTDPatch installation path. Open TTDX Configurator (shown below) to load your ttdpatch.cfg and newgrf.cfg settings files and activate the GRF files you want to use from the New Graphics tab.

TTDX Configurator

TTDX Configurator New Graphics tab

Notice that some GRF files might overwrite graphics from others. To control which GRF files have priority, arrange them so that the files with more priority appear lower on the list. Then save your settings, run TTD and after loading your game, access the New Graphics Status dialog.

TTDPatch GRF Status

GRF Status dialog to enable/disable new GRF files.

From the GRF Status dialog in TTDPatch, you can also enable and disable GRF files immediately by clicking the green icon to toggle the file ON/OFF.

GRF files installation in OpenTTD

Place the downloaded files in your ‘newgrf’ folder under your OpenTTD installation path and run the game. To keep your OpenTTD version up to date or quickly switch versions, try the OpenTTD Manager developed by Andrés.

OpenTTD has a build-in GRF file manager. However, due to design reasons you cannot enable/disable GRF files from existing games. Instead, you must enable all the GRF files you want before starting a new game.