PODbot Starter 1.0.0

PODbot Starter is a simple utility for managing the PODbot addon settings for the FPS game Counter-Strike.


PodBot Starter

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Version 1.0.0
Date 12-Mar-2003
License Freeware
File size 1194 KB
File type Self installer EXE (x86)
Status Discontinued
Prequisites VB6 runtimes, PODbot 2.5/+
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What is PODbot?

POD-Bot is a bot for Counter-Strike and Half-Life. POD stands for “Ping of Death” Bots, a name derived from the fact that bots using the Half-Life engine always have a minimum ping of five. POD-Bot was scripted, coded, and developed by Markus Klinge, also known as Count Floyd, and was developed to entertain the players who can’t or don’t play Counter-Strike online. The bots use a waypoint based navigation system to travel around maps, and are capable of completing map objectives as well as killing the opposing force. Count Floyd’s POD-bot is restricted to Windows-based systems, and Counter-Strike is the only mod on which it functions. However, the source code to POD-bot has been released, and several variants have emerged offering various new features, such as metamod plugin capabilities and long awaited Linux support. Its pathfinding skills are the same as in stock maps.