TTDXC Pro is a freeware program that allows the user to configure and update TTDPatch, a patch that provides gameplay enhancements and numerous bugfixes to Transport Tycoon Deluxe by patching its original binary.




  • All-in-one TTDPatch management and updating solution for advanced users
  • Check for updates and install latest TTDPatch versions directly
  • Edit ttdpatch.cfg and newgrf.cfg files directly with syntax highlighting
  • Customize TTD registry settings
  • Multi-language interface


Version 1.2.5
Date 12-Dec-2004
License Freeware
File size 1036 KB
File type Self installer EXE (x86)
Status Eventual compatibility upgrades
Prerequisites VB6 runtimes, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, TTDPatch
Languages Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
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To add a new language for this program, please contact Andrés and ask for the english language file.


TTDXC Pro has not been updated for a while. Links from the About dialog might be broken in some cases. Windows 7/8 compatibility is not 100% guaranteed.

What’s New

In TTDXC Pro 1.2.5

  • TTDPatch updating process improved
  • Added Swedish translation
  • New multi-language installer program using INNO Setup
  • Minor bug fixes

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