GRF Wizard 2.0.2

GRF Wizard is a freeware program that serves as a GUI for the command-line tool GRFCodec, which is used to encode and decode GRF graphic files from the game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, TTDPatch and OpenTTD.


GRF Wizard

GRF Wizard

GRF Wizard


  • Easily encode and decode preloaded GRF files
  • Scans all GRF files from newgrf folder automatically
  • Configure advanced color palette settings for Windows and DOS palette conversion
  • Check for updates directly from About dialog
  • Works with TT, TTD, TTDPatch and OpenTTD games
  • Works with all GRFCodec versions


Version 2.0.2
Date 19-Jul-2014
License Freeware
File size 779 KB
File type Self installer EXE (x86)
Prerequisites TTD / OpenTTD, GRFCodec
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What’s New

In GRF Wizard 2.0.2

  • Fixed support for spaces in GRFCodec path (except Windows 9x)
  • Removed warnings when selecting paths with spaces (except Windows 9x)
  • Updated labels to reflect fact that PCX is not the only format supported by GRF Codec

In GRF Wizard 2.0.1

  • Complete GUI redesign with modern interface
  • Added compatibility with OpenTTD
  • Added ability to auto check for updates from the About dialog
  • Updated all links to GRF and other TTD resources
  • New TTD and TTDPatch version detection method via API
  • New GRF files selection method
  • Auto scan of newgrf folder to search for all GRF files available for encoding/decoding
  • Removed the Generate EXE file option because it’s not really practical anymore
  • New installer program with INNO Setup
  • Minor bug fixes