Software by Andrés Zsögön

Andrés has created several programs, tools and utilities mainly with the versatile object-based language Visual Basic 6 (SP3) developed by Microsoft. Visual Basic 6 is a RAD (rapid application development) environment supported by all Windows versions since Windows 2000, and requires no additional files nor endless updates and security patches like its successor, Visual Basic .NET. related software

Software related to the multimedia guides, articles and downloads site created by Andrés.

TTD related software

Software and utilities for TTDPatch, OpenTTD and other Transport Tycoon game related stuff.

GTA related software

Software and utilities related to the popular action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto.

Counter-Strike related software

A few tools for bot configuration management for the FPS game Counter Strike.

3D modelling

In the 3D modelling section you can find some vehicle designs made by Andrés for the games Midtown Madness 2, GTA III and GTA: Vice City. These are original designs from scratch of real buses from the brazilian bus manufacturer Marcopolo.