Apache Cordova and Visual Studio

On this section I intend to provide some articles regarding the development of Apache Cordova mobile applications using the Visual Studio IDE with its built-in (or external) tools for Apache Cordova. Personally, I’m still using Visual Studio 2015 at the time of updating this page because of certain issues I found with Visual Studio 2017. related software

Software related to the multimedia guides, articles and downloads site created by Andrés.

Deprecated or Obsolete Stuff

On this category you’ll find a mix of software and utilities for TTDPatch, OpenTTD and other Transport Tycoon game related things. Also there’s some GTA related software, Counter Strike related apps and very old 3D modelling stuff I’ve worked on when I had plenty of free time to do so. Most of these programs have been created  with Visual Basic 6, a rapid application development environment supported by all Windows versions since Windows 2000.